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Connect to Comprehension

Site Map

Provides and overview of the program.

Information about current use and about the author.

Description of the assessments used.

Common Core Standards
Description of the CCS and the alignment of Connection to Comprehension.

Connect to Comprehension Extension Kit
This kit focuses on decoding and understanding more advanced Tier 2 vocabulary, word building with prefixes and suffixes, and advanced comprehension skills such as identifying theme and points of view.

Ordering and contact information.

Curriculum Guides
Description of the use and structure of the Curriculum Guides.

Decodable Text
Description of the use of decodable texts.

Most frequently asked questions.

Image Gallery
Images of materials, workshop settings, presentations, and implementation settings.

Information Links
Web links to other sources of information on reading instruction.

Paired Informational Text
Desription of how the use of paired non-fiction or informational text articles are used in Connect to Comprehension to enable students to practice decoding text while reading non-fiction content.

Phonics Games
Description of the Phonics Games for Fluency program.

Professional Development
Description of the professional development training options available and the content of each training session.

Description of the Connect to Comprehension Program and its components.

Description of the research to support this program.