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Connect to Comprehension

Frequently Asked Questions

People are always interested in products that they hear about. There are always some questions that seem to be most common when asked by potential customers. Below are a few of the most common questions that we feel will be helpful during your information search. If you do not find your question among the ones listed, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Q: Why is this scripted program?

A: A scripted program increases fidelity of instruction.  The Connect to Comprehension program provides teachers with specific language and techniques that are explicit and cognitively supportive.  The script incorporates direct teaching and modeling, along with opportunities for guided practice and then independent practice.

Q: Can the program be used for one-on-one tutoring of struggling readers?

A: Yes, the program can be used one-on-one as well as in small groups.  I

Q: Is the program appropriate for ESOL students who are struggling?

A: Yes, the program provides many supports for ESOL students: extensive practice with new vocabulary; practice with multiple meanings; sentence frames for answering written questions; structured, sequential phonics instruction; supported, scaffolded instruction.  ESOL students who have been instructed in the program have made significant progress in all components of reading.

Q: Can the program be used for small group intervention?

A: The program is excellent for small group intervention.  Students can be placed in small groups according to their skill needs, and instruction can be tailored to meet these needs. 

Q: How can the program be used for differentiated instruction, for students with varying skills needs?

A: While the program is scripted, teachers can tailor the instruction to meet specific students’ needs.  For a student(s) with adequate decoding skills, the emphasis on instruction would be on the fluency and comprehension/vocabulary components.  For a student(s) needing extensive instruction/practice with decoding, the extra phonics practice activities would be used.  For an ESOL student or others struggling with vocabulary and sentence structure, emphasis would be on the vocabulary exercises/vocabulary deck and the sentence frames for written expression.

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: The cost of the Connect to Comprehension set is $425.00.  The set of 36 High Noon decodable readers is includedAll of the materials are non-consumables, so they do not have to be purchased over and over. The cost for the Phonics Games for Fluency set is $100.00. Shipping and handling in the US is included. International shipping rates do apply. For international shipping rates please contact Lynn Givens.

Q: Is professional development available?

A: Professional development trainings are available as half-day or full-day workshops delivered exclusively by the program developer.  While professional development is not necessary to implement this scripted program, the training does provide valuable assistance with implementation.  For more information on professional development options and costs, contact Lynn Givens.

Q: Are various genres represented in the texts?

A: While the majority of the texts are fictional stories, there are selections that represent nonfiction, science fiction, and historical fiction. In addition, paired informational passages are provided so that students can receive instruction and practice in comprehension strategies for these text types.