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Connect to Comprehension

Curriculum Guides

Each of the curriculum guides have been developed with the same sections for continuity. The sections are:

Level Introduction:

  • Word lists for skill decks
  • Structured activities and games for teaching/practicing phonetic patterns
  • Skill charts showing phonetic elements/comprehension skills/games and activities for each level

Book Introductions:

  • Practice with predicting, activating background knowledge


Chapter Activities Include:

  • Before reading- predicting, recall/summary of previous chapters, chapter vocabulary
  • After reading- comprehension questions with scaffolded instruction, emphasis on upper-level skills
  • Skill Focus – instruction/practice with phonetic and structural analysis skills
  • Making Connections – fluency strips for fluency practice, instruction/practice with multiple meanings, figurative language, comprehension skills
  • Writing Extension Guided Practice– dictated sentences, summarization practice, use of graphic organizers
  • Vocabulary Extension – activities and games to engage students in use of new words
  • Writing Extension-Independent Practice – questions with sentence frames, creating sentences with targeted skill words/vocabulary words, summarization, use of graphic organizers

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