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Connect to Comprehension

Phonics Games

Phonics Games for Fluency provides a bridge between decoding at the single word level and fluently reading connected text.

The set includes four interactive games for each phonetic pattern that completely align with the patterns taught in the Connect to Comprehension lessons, beginning with short-vowel CVC words and continuing through syllabication patterns using multisyllabic words.  These games (over 100 in all) provide independent practice in reading and comprehending decodable text.

In addition, the games promote flexible thinking and vocabulary expansion through carefully created phrases and sentences.  For each phonetic pattern, four games are included:  Yes/No Riddles, First/Second Game, Picture This! and Match-ups.  (Samples for each game are available upon request.)

Used in conjunction with Connect to Comprehension, these games can reinforce the phonetic patterns taught at each level and can help to create a systematic and explicit 60-90 minute reading block for intervention.

Phonics Games for Fluency can be used effectively in a variety of settings with a variety of students:

  • independent reading centers for differentiated instruction

  • small-group instruction for students struggling with decoding

  • individual instruction/tutoring for struggling students

  • instruction/practice for ESOL students with vocabulary words/words with multiple meanings

  • instruction/practice for students struggling with comprehension at a basic level

  • parent-child practice and reinforcement

Also included in the Phonics Games for Fluency set:

  • assessment for student placement and progress monitoring

  • word cards for single-word practice with each phonetic pattern

  • directions for each game with suggested variations

  • student-friendly direction cards for each game and each variation

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