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Connect to Comprehension

Connect to Comprehension Connect To Comprehension  

Connect to Comprehension

Connect to Comprehension is a comprehensive, skill-based, scripted intervention reading program for struggling readers in grades 1-8. It is effective for small group intervention as well as for one-on-one tutoring.

This program was developed to provide students who struggle with decoding access to upper-level comprehension instruction.  Struggling readers typically don’t get practice in these comprehension skills either because the reading materials are too difficult to decode or because the lower-level text they can read are not engaging and motivating.  As a result, when struggling readers begin to become more fluent, they then have to conquer their gaps in comprehension, especially upper-level skills such as making inferences, determining cause and effect, comparing and contrasting.  In Connect to Comprehension, these upper-levels skills are explicitly taught, scaffolded, and practiced while students are learning and practicing basic decoding/structural analysis skills.

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Connect to Comprehension Extension 1 This mini-kit focuses on decoding and understanding more advanced Tier 2 vocabulary, word building with prefixes and suffixes, and advanced comprehension skills such as identifying theme and points of view. The engaging decodable text  includes the most common Greek myths: Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, etc. 

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Bay County Schools Approval

Connect to Comprehension has recently been approved for the  Bay County Florida School District MTSS program and is now being used as a Tier 3 reading intervention.


“I want to thank you for creating such an incredible program! I’ve taken MANY courses and trainings in reading and I’ve never come across such a thorough program!  I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail of reading instruction! Thank you!” – Patricia (Intervention Teacher)

“It was a requirement in one of my Elementary Education college courses to use the Connect to Comprehension (CtoC) program to tutor one student over the course of a semester.  I did not see how a mere 20, 45-minute, one-on-one tutoring sessions with an extremely struggling third grader would make any difference in her life.  My doubts were quickly pushed aside when after just five sessions, not only could I see the change, but her teacher came to me begging to know what I was doing because her scores were increasing drastically, along with her confidence.  As much as I would have liked to give myself the credit, I had to tell her that it was not I, but a reading program called Connect to Comprehension that targets a number of different skills with the ultimate goal of increasing reading comprehension.  At the end of our 20 sessions, this particular student was reading at grade level and quickly catching up to her peers.  Now, I have been using Connect to Comprehension with second grade, Tier 3, struggling readers, as well as during my small group Reading time and can attest that this program can also be life changing for students when done in small groups.  I believe in this program and highly recommend it to all teachers, tutors, and reading coaches alike.” – Josie (Student Teacher, 2nd grade classroom)

"Connect to Comprehension provides teachers and tutors with a practical method of integrating decoding activities and higher-level comprehension skills into daily lessons for struggling readers. CtC is designed to enable a teacher to quickly assess a learner’s strengths and weaknesses and immediately plan instruction at the appropriate level with resources on hand. This powerful and effective program offers a leveled curriculum, hands-on activities, and a wealth of instructional and assessment resources." - Dr. Adrienne Barnes at FSU


The Connect to Comprehension program provides students with opportunities to:

  • increase decoding skills through learning and practicing phonetic/structural analysis patterns

  • increase oral reading fluency through reading highly decodable text

  • read and respond to high-interest chapter books

  • increase upper-level comprehension skills through explicit instruction and practice

  • increase vocabulary knowledge through daily practice and reinforcement

  • increase skills in written expression through daily practice and reinforcement

The Connect to Comprehension program provides teachers with:

  • scripted lessons focused on upper-level comprehension skills

  • leveled questions and scaffolded instruction to increase reading comprehension

  • a variety of methods, techniques and activities to teach and reinforce phonetic/structural analysis skills

  • methods, techniques and activities to teach targeted vocabulary words, including those with multiple meanings

  • daily writing activities that reinforce decoding skills and comprehension strategies

  • writing frames to help those students with limited language abilities practice appropriate sentence structure

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